BARAKA DVD and Blu-Ray Cult Movies on DVD 45 Top Rated Most Collectible Cult Films movies now available on DVD and Blu-Ray Including the Emotionally Moving "World Through a Looking Glass" DVD Documentary BARAKA - Baraka is a stirring look at the world of contrast that exists in Nature and in Culture throughout this Blue globe called Earth. Baraka the DVD Documentary will Move you when you see the strange and disturbing facets of our civilzation and the untouched, unseen, places most of us will never experience in the flesh. Collectible DVDs Come and Go from Production Runs... Some Extremely Rare and Highly Prized DVD Transfers from Classic Cult Movies and television series have a short shelf life due in part to their popularity with fans and Collectors, and also to the fact that a limited number were produced as a Market Test Run. If You are searching for a rare, or hardly known title, and you do actually come across a site that has it available to order immediately, Do order the Collectible DVD when the chance arises. One "For Instance" Title was the DVD release of the Disneyland Attraction of Michael Jackson's Captain Eo 3D Experience, The DVD was available through Amazon for a brief period (Less than two weeks) and if you didn't jump at the opportunity to acquire this Collectible Gem, You Simply Lost Out, The DVD was recalled from Sale after that short period and has No Future release date set. CULT45 Has 45 of the Top rated Cult Collectible DVD Titles, plus a Myriad of DVD and Blu-Ray rarities that warrant discussion. Many of the CULT45 Collectible DVDs are extremely rare and have only a limited number available, Some in NTSC Format and others in PAL, but for the avid collector, the format is not an issue, The acquisition of the DVD Title is all that's important. fans of the Hit TV Series Banacek will be pleased to know that the Entire TV Series and the Pilot Episode are available in a Box Set that makes a wonderful gift for Mystery Buffs, The Treasured Banacek DVD Collectible features George Peppard in his outstanding role as Thomas Banacek the Polish Freelance Insurance investigator who set the standard in Intrigue on Prime Time Television in the Sixties, and still holds its head high as a genuinely Intelligent Production. The True Cult Classics include Underground Sensations such as Liquid Sky that defies description, and is a must see to make up your own mind as to its strengths and weaknesses, Tales of the Gold Monkey TV Series, Shame of the Jungle, a very strange Adult cartoon from the Era of FREE LOVE, The Way Ahead of its time Sci Fi Masterpiece Robinson Crusoe on MarsGnomeo and Juliet Blu-Ray and many more awesome Titles...

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Field Sequential 3D Blu-Ray Movies

THE  SECRET 2 - EXTENDED Special Edition Personal Motivation DVD

TRANSFORMERS 3 Dark of the Moon 3D DVD and Blu-Ray

LASERDISCS - Rare Out Of Print ( OOP ) Laserdisc Movies

DVD Releases of ORGAZMO - BASEketball - In Like Flint - Phase IV - Kolchak the Night Stalker

Some Great Movies that are Not Found in the mainstream distribution - Little Fauss and Big Halsy DVD - Arguably Robert Redfords Greatest Movie - Possibly, besides the Legendary Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 

Peter Sellers - The Mouse That Roared DVD Collectible - And Sequel Cult 45 Classics on DVD has that classic movie on dvd and blu-ray order rare and oop out of print dvd movies like The African Queen Banacek Avatar A Clockwork Orange Dr. Doctor Strangelove John Goldfarb Please Come Home Sherlock Holmes The Seven 7 percent solution New Release movies of note are added also but the classic titles are best Robinson Crusoe on Mars Phase IV Barbarella Blake Edwards SOB Clash of the Titans 3D Movies and a 3DTV Experience Rollercoaster in 3D Journey to the Far Side of the Sun The Illustrated Man Logans Run Billy Two Hats Kolchak the night stalker Fahrenheit 451 Liquid Sky DVD Re Mastered Blu-Ray Remaster Duck You Sucker Fist Full of Dynamite Cosmos Drawn Together Sci Fi Classics Earth Vs teh Flying saucers Harold and Maude Bless the beasts and children Brewster McCloud Stone Max Headroom Moonwalker Slaughter house five 5 Firefly Fire in the Sky Communion Jacobs ladder In Like Flint Our Man Flint Hannibal Brookes Southland tales Dead Man Schlock Matt Helm Everything you ever wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask and so many more greats...

Get the Whole story on what makes a"Cult" Film so obsessive in some peoples minds. Here are the 45 Top rated "Cult Following" worthy movies, films that are today re-mastered on DVD and still maintaining a huge fan base around the globe. Now everyone has their own priority in the listing of Movies of this type, the pages are Alphabetical only - with No sense of favoritism given to the title. EVEN IF Favoritism is warranted by the editor of this list... 

A Clockwork Orange Stanley Kubrick Ultraviolent Masterpiece

"Stanley Kubrick's striking visual interpretation of Anthony Burgess's famous novel is a masterpiece. Malcolm McDowell delivers a clever, tongue-in-cheek performance as Alex, the leader of a quartet of droogs, a vicious group of young hoodlums who spend their nights stealing cars, fighting rival gangs, breaking into people's homes, and raping women. While other directors would simply exploit the violent elements of such a film without subtext, Kubrick maintains Burgess's dark, satirical social commentary. We watch Alex transform from a free-roaming miscreant into a convict used in a government experiment that attempts to reform criminals through an unorthodox new medical treatment. The catch, of course, is that this therapy may be nothing better than a quick cure-all for a society plagued by rampant crime. A Clockwork Orange works on many levels--visual, social, political, and sexual--and is one of the few films that hold up under repeated viewings. Kubrick not only presents colorfully arresting images, he also stylizes the film by utilizing classical music ( and Wendy Carlos's Electronic Music) to underscore the violent scenes, which even today are disturbing in their display of sheer nihilism. Ironically, many fans of the film have missed that point, sadly being entertained by its brutality rather than being repulsed by it." --Bryan Reesman


George Peppard stars as Thomas Banacek, Boston's leading freelance investigator. When a crime proves too difficult for insurance investigators to solve, Banacek is called on in this classic series from the early 70s that was part of the Sunday Night Mystery Movie series. Guest stars include Stephanie Powers, Margot Kidder, Michael Lerner, Brenda Vaccaro, Victoria Principal and many more. All 16 of the original shows and the original pilot program are now available in this five DVD set. Classic TV lovers rejoice! Bonus Features: Contains the Original Pilot Episode, Detour To Nowhere, Photo Gallery & TV Trivia Crossword Puzzles. Banacek was definitely a "Thinkers" TV Show, always entertaining, and often quite educational.

Baraka Documentary DVD Stunning Look at the Planet through the lens of a Remarkable Documentary film maker


The word Baraka means "blessing" in several languages; watching this film, the viewer is blessed with a dazzling barrage of images that transcend language. Filmed in 24 countries and set to an ever-changing global soundtrack, the movie draws some surprising connections between various peoples and the spaces they inhabit, whether that space is a lonely mountaintop or a crowded cigarette factory. Some of these attempts at connection are more successful than others: for instance, an early sequence segues between the daily devotions of Tibetan monks, Orthodox Jews, and whirling dervishes, finding more similarity among these rituals than one might expect. And there are other amazing moments, as when sped-up footage of a busy Hong Kong intersection reveals a beautiful symmetry to urban life that could only be appreciated from the perspective of film. The lack of context is occasionally frustrating--not knowing where a section was filmed, or the meaning of the ritual taking place--and some of the transitions are puzzling. However, the DVD includes a short behind-the-scenes featurette in which cinematographer Ron Fricke (Koyaanisqatsi) explains that the effect was intentional: "It's not where you are that's important, it's what's there." And what's here, in Baraka, is a whole world summed up in 104 minutes. --Larisa Lomacky Moore

BARBARELLA - Queen of the Galaxy

Barbarella, 1968 Starring Jane Fonda with a host of memorable characters and actors, is a DVD that simply must be part of your collection of treasures. From the Oh So Sixties Zero G Space Strip at the opening credits, to the intriguing interaction with the wicked one eyed wench, and the fascinating way of extracting information from Barbarella by the Mad Scientist "Duran Duran". This Movie is not likely to gather dust, still an entertaining story to watch and share with those who've never seen it. Marcel Marceau makes a rare acting appearance in Barbarella, a quirky movie from a quirky time.


 Lane Myer (John Cusack) is stuck in a personal hell. A compulsive, adolescent Everyman growing up in Suburbia, USA, not only does he fail to make the prestigious high school ski team (again), but his beloved sweetheart, Beth, also leaves him for Roy, the team's popular, arrogant captain. If this isn't bad enough, he's stuck with a mother who frighteningly experiments--rather than cooks--with food, a brother who builds rockets out of models, and a best friend so desperate for drugs that he settles for snorting powdered snow. Faced with these prospects, Lane opts to end it all ... until he comes up with a ridiculous plan to gain acceptance and win Beth back. Director Savage Steve Holland warps this simple, clichéd premise, letting his wacky imagination twist it into a fairly original, slightly dark, and completely hilarious '80s teen comedy. Not as serious a "suicide-attempt" movie as, say, Harold and Maude but just as funny, the film's more a collection of screwball sketches than a narrative. Holland livens the high jinks with surrealistic fantasy touches, including Jell-O that crawls, a hamburger that sings Van Halen, drawings that mock its creator, Japanese race-car drivers who only speak Howard Cosell, and a psychotic paperboy seeking blood over a missing $2. Cusack puts the whole thing on his shoulders and carries the insanity with another one of his touching, obsessively romantic performances, which, along with Say Anything, The Sure Thing, and One Crazy Summer, made him the quintessential (and appealing) personification of lovestruck adolescence and suffering. --Dave McCoy


Peter Yates's flag-waving film stands with To Kill a Mockingbird and American Graffiti as one of the best films about small-town Americana. Steve Tesich won an Oscar for his semi-biographical screenplay about four 19-year-olds who don't know what to do after high school. Dave Stohler (Dennis Christopher) and his three friends--ex-football star Mike (Dennis Quaid), wily comedian Cyril (Daniel Stern), and tough kid Moocher (Jackie Earle Haley)--are doomed to live in the college town of Bloomington, Indiana, where the local kids (nicknamed "Cutters"--a derogatory reference to quarry workers and their blue-collar families) are looked down on by the uppity students of nearby Indiana University. Stohler escapes into a world of Italian bicycling, picking up the lingo, the accent, and a good share of the talent of his heroes. He is also the scourge of his father's life. The used-car salesman (Paul Dooley) doesn't understand his son's affection for bicycling or, for that matter, his pride in being a "Cutter."


If you're in the market for wildly funny entertainment, CLERKS delivers with wholesale hilarity! It's one wacky day in the life of a pair of overworked counter jockeys whose razor-sharp wit and on-the-job antics give a whole new meaning to customer service! Even while bracing a nonstop parade of unpredictable shoppers, the clerks manage to play hockey on the roof, visit a funeral home, and straighten out their offbeat love lives! The boss is nowhere in sight, so you can bet anything can -- and will -- happen when these guys are left to run the store.

Before Kevin Smith became a Hollywood darling with Chasing Amy, a film he wrote and directed, he made this $27,000 comedy about real-life experiences working for chump change at a New Jersey convenience store. A rude, foul-mouthed collection of anecdotes about the responsibilities that go with being on the wrong side of the till, the film is also a relationship story that takes some hilarious turns once the lovers start revealing their sexual histories to one another. In the best tradition of first-time, ultra-low budget independent films, Smith uses Clerks as an audition piece, demonstrating that he not only can handle two-character comedy but also has an eye for action--as proven in a smoothly handled rooftop hockey scene. Smith himself appears as a silent figure who hangs out on the fringes of the store's property. --Tom Keogh


 Johnny Depp (CHOCOLAT) delivers a remarkable performance in this highly acclaimed tale of adventure and intrigue in the wild, wild west! A young man in search of a fresh start, William Blake (Depp) embarks on an exciting journey to a new town ... never realizing the danger that lies ahead. But when a heated love triangle ends in double murder, Blake finds himself a wanted man, running scared -- until a mysterious loner teaches him to face the dangers that follow a "dead man." With an outstanding supporting cast including Gabriel Byrne (THE USUAL SUSPECTS) and Robert Mitchum (CAPE FEAR), and a sizzling soundtrack, DEAD MAN is another motion picture triumph from filmmaker Jim Jarmusch.

 An Intriguing film from Jim Jarmusch stars Johnny Depp in a Haunting story about a 19th-century accountant named William Blake, who migrates from the sprawling Cities in the east to a Mining Boon town in the old West and ends up with No Job as promised, No Where to stay, Just life in the wilderness. A Native American Named "NOBODY"(Gary Farmer) who has some interesting side tales of his own takes an interest in Blake and guides him through a path that leads him to a piognant funeral, With appearances by Robert Mitchum, Iggy Pop, Gabriel Byrne, Alfred Molina, and a haunting soundtrack by Neil Young. Dead Man has more to it than is mentioned by some critics, there's an interesting tale here, one that gets embedded firmly in your memory.

 Arguably the greatest black comedy ever made, Stanley Kubrick's cold-war classic is the ultimate satire of the nuclear age. Dr. Strangelove is a perfect spoof of political and military insanity, beginning when General Jack D. Ripper (Sterling Hayden), a maniacal warrior obsessed with "the purity of precious bodily fluids," mounts his singular campaign against Communism by ordering a squadron of B-52 bombers to attack the Soviet Union. The Soviets counter the threat with a so- called "Doomsday Device," and the world hangs in the balance while the U.S. president (Peter Sellers) engages in hilarious hot-line negotiations with his Soviet counterpart. Sellers also plays a British military attaché and the mad bomb-maker Dr. Strangelove; George C. Scott is outrageously frantic as General Buck Turgidson, whose presidential advice consists mainly of panic and statistics about "acceptable losses." With dialogue ("You can't fight here! This is the war room!") and images (Slim Pickens's character riding the bomb to oblivion) that have become a part of our cultural vocabulary, Kubrick's film regularly appears on critics' lists of the all-time best. --Jeff Shannon

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