First Men In The Moon DVD - Destination Moon

This is a Wonderful nostalgic romp back to the classic british Sci Fi Comedy adapted from HG Wells First Men In The Moon. Nathan Juran Directs this spectacular (for the Time) Epic Adventure to the Innerds of the Moon where an uncomfortable confrontation between  Eccentric Scientist Joseph Cavor and The Luna Inhabitants, The Selenites. Professor Cavor ( Lionel Jefferies ) and his trusty sidekick Arnold Bedford ( Edward Judd ) Find themselves in a Sticky pickle when after all the preperation and expense of discovering the Antigravity Paste that delivered them to the Moon, Once they arrived and began Exploration of the Luna Surface and the mysterious Caverns below the surface, they are astonished to discover that their Space Sphere, that transported them safely to the Moon, has been stolen. The Sphere is no longer where they left it, and Dragging track marks lead to a frightening discovery of the Insect like race Living in the Moons interior, The Selenites. The Whole Story of the Screen Adaptation of The First Men In The Moon is a wonderful, enticing, tale that caries you along in the bliss of a more serene time, with some slapstick and Timely Comedy thrown in for good measure, First Men In The Moon DVD will entertain your family with Wholesome and nostalgic humour and excitement. First men in the Moon DVD is a Rarity, so do act fast to secure your DVD Copy while they last. If The First Men in the Moon DVD does actually sell out before you get your copy, There is a Ray Harryhausen Special box set that does include the First Men in the Moon DVD along with several other awesome collectible Movies.. Get The Box Set >>HERE<< Lionel Jeffries steals the show as the befuddled scientist Cavor, although we all know that Ray Harryhausen's effects are the real star of the picture. I love the Victorian moonship (S.S. Dolphin), and the pointy yellow Moon mountains, which are pure 1950's. The Moon creatures are surprisingly well-handled also. Harryhausen fans will not be disappointed, the familiar style and attention to detail is there to make you feel at home. First men in the Moon is a Great Movie that brings you back to the first time you saw it on TV, Only Better because its in Color, and a Sharper image from the DVD transfer, You will be pleasantly surprised at the Clarity of the DVD movie compared to the Television transmission of this Great Film...

H G Wells Fantastic Moon Epic

First Men In The Moon DVD

H.G. Wells' fantastic account of life on the moon is vividly brought to the screen by special effects master Ray Harryhausen in this amazing sci-fi epic featuring unforgettable extra-terrestrial creatures. The film begins with a team of United Nations astronauts planning an upcoming moon mission. The astronauts are both confused and intrigued by a man (Judd) who claims he, his fiancee and a scientist journeyed to the moon 65 years ago and were attacked by "Selenites," grotesque, human-like ant forms that live in immense crystal caverns. Now it is up to the U.N. team to attempt a lunar landing that could be more horrifying than ever believed possible.

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