The Italian Job DVD The Original Masterpiece - Starring Michael Caine, with special appearances by Benny Hill, and Noel Coward. From the majestic opening credits that climax in a God Awful waste of a beautiful prancing Ferrari, to the action packed, gravity defying escape sequence of the Mini's through the Italian Sewers, and the roof tops of the city. The Italian Job delivers great entertainment, The Italian Job DVD Gives great remastered Entertainment of the Original Story in all its glory that made The Italian Job the Cult legen that it is, and an Actor of the calibur of Michael caine, you could hardly expect less. The Re-make of the Italian Job may have got the interest of a new set of fans, because of the cast more than the movie, those fans would still gravitate toward this timeless classic.The Italian Job DVD Original With Michael Caine would most probably still be regarded as the better movie enen by die hard fans of the remake. "This little-known cult caper is about as depraved as they come. Michael Caine, ever the enterprising swinger and swindler, has an ingenious plan to steal a huge cache of Chinese gold to be shipped to Turin as collateral for a new Fiat plant. Since the Italy-Great Britain soccer match is being played at the same time, Caine wants to create a diversion in the form of a monumental traffic jam. For financing, he turns to Noel Coward, who directs British criminal enterprises from his jail cell. A motley crew is assembled, including Benny Hill as a computer expert with a fetish for large-breasted women. It's all a nasty and fun parody, with the most memorable robbery-chase sequence in the history of the caper genre." --Bill Desowitz