MAX HEADROOM DVD 20 Minutes into the Future The Complete Series of Max Headroom is finaly here. Hooray. There is a Huge and Vocal, Very Vocal, Fan base out there for the "Way ahead of it's time" TV Series, Movie Specials, Spin-Offs, and the Original British Tele-Movies, which were done once in Britain and repeated (Exactly Word for Word, Scene for Scene) in the U.S. - Max Headroom DVD predicted the information and entertainment technology "Boom" to a very close degree, demonstrating the Importance, and the Power that is placed in the hands of Network Executives, and Anchor reporters. The Series found unique ways to keep a story line active and interesting, It had me hooked, Couldn't get enough of Max Headroom. Matt Frewer has played a part in Many of my personal favorites, The series TAKEN for one, a compelling TV Mini Series was that one. But for many, The Max Headroom DVD Will take them back to where it all started, it may seem a little dated the next time 'round, but it's still good fun, and a very weird look into the future of humankind. The Max Headroom DVD Complete series is one to keep put away safely as they are thinning out rapidly from stores..